Warranty Policy

All Frog products come with a 1 year warranty policy

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Parts with damage due to abuse or misuse are not covered. Common wear items are not covered under warranty, such as tires.

Returns and Exchanges

Frog offers a 30 day return policy on all products from date of delivery. 


Orders usually process within 2-3 days from initial order and average shipping time takes 5-7 days from initial order depending on your location and method of shipment. 


No, you do not need a license to operate most of Frog's products. We do recommend appropriate safety gear such as helmets and life vests. We do recommend users be 16 and older to operate most Frog Products. 


We recommend regular upkeep of your Frog E-Mobility Solutions. Occasionally screws, nuts, and bolts may need tightening, but luckily Frog products are all electric and require no gas, or the average upkeep of an internal combustion engines.