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The Frog Safari Cruise combines the classic look of the fixed gear road bikes of old and Frog's revolutionary electric vehicle design to get you moving. The Safari Cruise was built for modern urban environments. From steep hills to flat boulevards, the 36 V 250 W electric motor helps you coast at a top speed of 25 mph for those moments when you want a break from pedaling. Available in Cloud White.

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We will deliver your order directly to you door anywhere in the continental US. We expect shipping to start in November.

Free Battery Upgrade
All Frog Safari Cruise Electric Bike will come with a free battery upgrade. This means you get a 10.5H battery now included.

$400 Off Limited-Time
We have added a $400 off discount in your cart for all pre-orders. These electric bikes are selling out quickly so order your bike today.

Frog E-Mobility

A Ride for Every Modern Commuter

The standard in powerful, personal electric mobility. Frog E-Mobility Solutions are designed to help you navigate through your day with style, ease, and sustainability.

Customer Testimonials

"I love my Frog Traveler! It's speedy but can handle some of the roughest roads in my city."

Mark J.

"Frog Safari has made my commute so much easier. Now I can easily get to & from work without having to rely on the bus schedule."
Jamie R.

"Frog makes such great micro-mobility solutions. They're easy to use, charge, and they can handle anything."
Kim C.

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